Beauty Box 5 Unboxing – July 2014

One month ago I reviewed my very last Beauty Box 5 on this blog… or so I thought it was my very last Beauty Box 5. I was under the assumption that I had to manually re-subsribe to Beauty Box 5 once my quarterly subscription was over, but apparently they automatically charge your credit card for another 3 months. No worries, I didn’t mind receiving another 3 months worth of Beauty Box 5 boxes, but I have a feeling that after these 3 months are over, I’m going to officially unsubscribe and see what other beauty box subscription services have to offer.

For the past year and a bit I’ve loved watching Beauty Box 5 unboxing videos on YouTube and I knew that if I was going to sign up for any beauty box subscription service, it would definitely be Beauty Box 5 first. Beauty Box 5 is based out of Texas and it costs $12 USD a month (shipping included). What attracted me to this beauty box subscription service was the promise that each box includes 5 deluxe beauty samples. So far, I’ve enjoyed the samples (and sometimes full size products) that Ive received in my boxes and I’ve been very impressed with the customer service. I definitely recommend trying out Beauty Box 5 if you’re new to beauty box subscription services because they include a good variety of makeup, skin care, and hair care products.

Today’s post isn’t going to be a review because I just received this box in the mail last Friday and I unboxed it on my channel yesterday. Instead, I wanted to list each of the products that I received in my July box and their full size retail price (since I never got an information card in my box) in preparation for the review that I will write on each of these products later on this month.

1. Body Drench Candy Licious Lip Balm – Red Licorice (FULL SIZE SAMPLE)
Retail price: $2.99 CAD for 2.55g
Beauty Box 5 sample size: 2.55g

2. Argan Oil From Morocco – Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment (FULL SIZE SAMPLE)
Retail price: $4.99 CAD for 50g
Beauty Box 5 sample size: 50g

3. Revlon Bold Laqueur Mascara (FULL SIZE SAMPLE)
Retail price: $10.99 CAD for 0.47 fl. oz
Beauty Box 5 sample size: 0.47 fl. oz

4. Starlooks Cosmetics Lip Pencil – Bare (FULL SIZE SAMPLE)
Retail price: $12.00 USD for 1 pencil
Beauty Box 5 sample size: 1 pencil

5. Anna Naturals Glowing Mama Walnut Face & Body Scrub
Retail price: $10.99 USD for 4 fl. oz
Beauty Box 5 sample size: unsure – size not listed on label

Click on this link here to watch my first impressions of each of these products that I received in my Beauty Box 5 July box!
Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comment section down below or on Twitter!


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My May Beauty Favorites

I wish I could say that the month of May just flew right by, but in all actuality, it felt like one of the longest months of the year so far. I started off May in San Francisco and I flew home the following week to start my summer semester at college. I celebrated with my friends at their college graduations, I hit major milestones and took on new projects at work, I caught up with 35 friends on separate occasions (many of whom I haven’t seen in 3+ years), I spent my weekends grilling various meats with Ed on our new barbecue, and I reunited my best friends who returned to the city for the summer before heading off to grad school. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great month, but it just felt really, really long.

Even though May was hectic, but I was still able to find the time to test out new beauty products and rediscover old ones! This month I’ve decided to write about my favorites instead of filming a YouTube video about them, so please let me know in the comment section down below which format you prefer.

1. Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water
I’ve heard a lot about Bioderma from other beauty bloggers and YouTubers over the past year, so I decided to pick up a trial size bottle and test it out as a makeup remover. I like how the product gently removes all traces of my face makeup and I appreciate how it didn’t break or dry out my skin, but it’s not strong enough to remove my eye makeup, which the cosmetics lady at Murale guaranteed it would do. That being said, I like using this cleansing water before I go in with my Clarisonic Mia and face wash and it makes my face feel cleaner and more refreshed. The bottle says that you don’t need to wash your face after using this product, but I like to do so anyways.

2. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
When I first used this primer I was not a fan of it at all. I felt like it didn’t do anything to minimize the appearance of my pores and it made my skin feel and look greasy. I left it in my makeup storage for a few months and returned to it at the beginning of May when I accidentally stuffed it into my makeup travel bag. This time around, the primer blurred the appearance of my pores around my nose area and it made my foundation and concealer look matte and oil-free for hours. I’m not sure if it’s because my skin has changed due to the warmer weather so it’s reacting better to this product, but this primer is now a staple in my makeup routine and I’ve already finished off the entire bottle. For $6.99, it’s turned out to be a great purchase!

3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Like I said in the previous paragraph, my skin has been changing because of the weather and it’s now more sensitive. My skin has been reacting badly to products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, so I decided to return to my tried-and-true face cleanser. Cetaphil is effective at removing the oil and makeup from my face and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I like how this cleanser has 0 scent and color, and it helps calm down skin irritations and acne blemishes.

4. Essence Silky Touch Blush – Adorable
I picked this blush up on a whim at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2 and I was prepared for it to be chalky and lacklustre since I wasn’t able to test it out in the store and it was inexpensive. I was very surprised to find out that this blush is anything but. It’s buttery, pigmented, and it gives my cheeks a healthy glow. If you’re on a budget or if you want to try out blush shades that you wouldn’t normally wear, I would definitely recommend this blush line. For $2 a pop this blush is a hidden drugstore gem!

5. Tangle Teezer
I didn’t feel the need to buy the Tangle Teezer because I already own a Wet Brush, but I saw this brush on sale at Target in the hot pink color and I wanted to give it a try. Unlike the Wet Brush, I like how it’s compact and doesn’t have a handle, which makes it easier to travel with. This brush leaves my hair tangle-free, straight as a pin, and feeling soft. Also, when I’m not using a blowdryer, this brush makes my hair air-dry faster so it’s perfect in the warmer months.

6. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Pressed Powder
I ran out of this product last December and I didn’t want to repurchase it because of its high price tag. I ended up caving earlier this month at Sephora and shelling out the money because this product leaves my super oily face  completely matte for the entire day (no touchups necessary!), it’s translucent, and it doesn’t make my skin look cakey. I’ve tried many other translucent pressed powders, but this one is by far my favorite. It doesn’t break me out, my skin can breathe under it, and I also use it on my oily eyelids as an eyeshadow/liner primer. Don’t let the price of this product scare you off, it’s worth every penny!

7. NYC Smooth Skin Sunny Bronzer
Every summer I keep coming back to this bronzer because it’s matte and it makes me look sun kissed in all the right ways. It’s incredibly inexpensive and I don’t have to worry about it looking muddy on my pale skin because it’s a light, milk chocolate brown color that is very buildable. I definitely recommend this bronzer for those who are looking for a natural face contouring product!

8. Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Treatment
This month for the first time ever, my hair was feeling dry and damaged. I didn’t know what to do since I’ve never had this problem before and I only use 2 products on my hair (shampoo and heat protectant), so I turned to my mom for advice. She bought me the Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Treatment at London Drugs and after only a day of usage, my hair returned to its healthy, normal self. This product works like magic and it smells like summer in a bottle. A little goes a very long way and the pump bottle packaging makes it mess-free!

9. Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck
I said in a YouTube video that I feel like the original Taylor Swift scent Wonderstruck is way too strong, so I was hesitant to try Enchanted Wonderstruck. I found this perfume on sale in San Francisco for $19 (what a steal for a 3.4 ounce bottle) and once I smelt it, I couldn’t turn it down because it’s the perfect floral scent. I’ve been wearing this perfume almost on a daily basis and I get compliments on it saying that I smell like a bouquet of flowers. Since I’m terrible at describing scents, here are the perfume’s notes:
Heart notes: Peony, Sugar-Glazed Champaca Petals, White Freesia
Top notes: Wild Berries, Passion Fruit, Pink Poppy
Base notes: White Musk, Vanilla, Blond Woods

Well, that’s it for my May beauty favorites! Let me know in the comments down below or on Twitter (@pandamoniumpink) what your beauty favorites were for the month of May.


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FOODspiration: Zucchini Pasta

Like I mentioned in my Guess Who’s Back blog post, I’ve been working on changing my lifestyle for the better and I’ve been eating healthier. Recently, I purchased a vegetable spiralizer from Bed Bath and Beyond to make vegetable pasta and I’ve been looking up recipes to make with it. Not only does the vegetable spiralizer help cut down my gluten and daily carb intake, but it has also introduced vegan and vegetarian options in to my diet.

Here are 4 zucchini pasta recipes that I’ve gathered Foodspiration from and I absolutely recommend trying out recipe 1 and 4! If you’re not a fan of zucchini, of course you can substitute it for carrots or any other easy-to-peel vegetable.

1) Zucchini pasta with cashew pesto

2) Zucchini noodles with avocado dressing

3) Zucchini pasta with marinara sauce

4) Zucchini pasta with pesto, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes

Let me know in the comments down below or on Twitter @pandamoniumpink if you’ve tried any of these recipes or if you’re thinking of doing so.

Cheers and happy spiralling,

The pictures above were taken from the links in the recipe titles.

NYX Macaron Lippies

Lipstick that isn’t red, pink, or plum colored usually doesn’t interest me, but I’m very intrigued by the new NYX Macaron Lippies collection that was released in April. It’s not everyday that a drugstore makeup company creates a colorful lipstick line, so when NYX released the Macaron Lippies for $5-6 a tube, it immediately went on everyone’s “must buy” list. I have yet to see this colorful collection on the stands in Canadian drugstores, but I’ve heard from my friends across the boarder that these lipsticks are creamy, non-drying, and of course very pigmented. I would love to get my hands on the Lavender shade (it reminds me of a lighter version of the Lime Crime lipstick in Airborne Unicorn), the Earl Grey shade, and the Pistachio shade. I wouldn’t wear the NYX Macaron Lippies on a daily basis, but they’d be the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween or themed party costume.

Are you interested in any of these NYX Macaron Lippies colors? Would you wear them out regularly?
Let me know in the comments down below or on Twitter @pandamoniumpink.


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DIY Beauty Face Mask

Over the past few weeks my acne-prone, oily skin has been freaking out due to the change in the weather. I’ve tried many drugstore and high end face masks, but I’ve found that the best remedy to calm my skin down is a face mask that is made up of ingredients that I already own in my kitchen. In this post, I’m going to share my most worn mask that not only leaves your skin moisturized, glowing and smooth, but is also simple to make, easy on the wallet, and very effective!

1/2 Banana
2 tbsp Raw Honey
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1. Mash the banana with a fork in a bowl until it’s a smooth, non-chunky texture.
2. Add the honey and cinnamon to the banana mixture.
3. Spread the mixture all over your face.
4. Leave the mixture on your face for 20-30 mins and then rinse it off with warm water and a gentle face cleanser.

Do you have any face mask recipes? Share them with me in the comments below or on Twitter @pandamoniumpink.


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Beauty Box 5 May 2014 Review

Three months ago I signed up for my very first beauty box subscription service. For the past year and a bit I was obsessed with watching Beauty Box 5 unboxing videos on YouTube and I knew that if I was going to sign up for any beauty box subscription service, it would definitely be with Beauty Box 5. Beauty Box 5 is based out of Texas and it costs $12 a month (shipping included). What attracted me to the service was the promise that each box includes 5 deluxe beauty samples, either skincare or makeup products. I decided to ease myself into this subscription by signing up for the quarterly package (3 boxes), which costs $30. For my Canadian readers, this box ships to Canada at no extra cost, but be prepared to receive it at the end of the month as opposed to at the middle of the month like for its USA recipients.Because my quarterly subscription has just ended, I decided to review my May 2014 box on my blog instead of on YouTube.

To see my Beauty Box 5 unboxing videos, click on the links below:

March Beauty Box 5
April Beauty Box 5
May Beauty Box 5

May 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review:

1. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths – Retail $2.97 – 10 cloths
Stay calm and cool! Break out these cloth wipes after the gym, during a long day at work, or before a hot date to ensure you smell fresh and feel smooth! Just unfold and give yourself a quick rub down! 

I received 3 cloth packets in my box and honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for them. When I unboxed the packets, I knew that they would be glorified wet wipes for the body and I was right. Yes they cooled me down and left me smelling like baby powder, but I didn’t think that they were anything worth mentioning, especially since I already carry a package of baby wipes with me in my gym bag, which does the same thing but at a cheaper price. Overall, these cloths aren’t bad products, but I just don’t think that they’re necessary.

2. Cattiva Precisione Eye Liner (black) – Retail $20.00 – 0.012 oz
Can’t live without liner? We understand! Waterproof and retractable, this pencil is a must-have for minimalists and smokey eye queens, delivering smooth, smudge-resistant lines. And it’s paraben-free!

When I swatched this eye liner in my unboxing video, I immediately knew it was a winner. I love creating my eye looks with a retractable eye liner instead of a liquid pen eyeliner, so this was right up my alley. This black eye liner is incredibly pigmented and because it’s waterproof, it stays on all day (and longer if you don’t properly remove it). It applies smoothly and it doesn’t flake off my upper lash line throughout the day. It’s long lasting on the waterline and I find that rare considering it’s paraben free (I have awful luck with paraben- free eye products). The only downside, of course, is that the liner tip can dull easily because you can’t sharpen it. Also, thanks Beauty Box 5 for including a full sized product!

3. Harvey Prince Hello – Retail $55.00 – 5.7 oz
This pretty floral is the perfect way to transition from spring to summer! A smile in a bottle, each spritz boasts refreshing notes of mandarin, grapefruit, forsythia, and plumeria for a sunny and subtle signature. 

I’m very picky when it comes to my perfume scents, but I really enjoy Hello. It has the perfect combination of floral and citrus scents and it smells like summer in a bottle. I can definitely smell the forsythia and plumeria over the mandarin and grapefruit, but the scent is refreshing and not over powering and I can see it also pleasing those who don’t enjoy wearing floral scents. I love this scent and I will for sure be wearing it until I run out of the sample vile. It’s the perfect scent for a sunny day!

4. H20 Plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel – Retail $18.00 – 120 mL
Put your best face forward! Made with sea salt and energizing marine botanicals, this oil-free cleanser gentle exfoliates wile protecting your pretty cheeks from free radicals and environmental damage. 

I was very pleased with the H20 Plus product that I received in my March box, so I had high expectations for this cleansing gel. H2o Plus scored well with me again this month because I really enjoyed this cleanser. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and these days I can only use Cetephil face wash to cleanse my face because anything with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is proving to be way too harsh. The Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel is gentle, yet effective and it leaves my face looking shine-free and feeling baby-bottom smooth. The gel does have tiny white and green exfoliating beads, but they’re not very abrasive and they don’t leave me with burning or dried out skin. I was unsure of how many uses I’d get out of the small sample, but I’ve used this gel 4 times already and I still have product left in the squeeze tube. A little goes a long way and I’m definitely going to have to repurchase the full size bottle.

5. MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask (Beauty Restore) – Retail $5.99 – 1 mask 
Perfect for a quick lunch-time facial, these hydrating sheet masks are paraben-free, vegan friendly, and aren’t messy at all! They are 100% biodegradable, making them great for your face and the planet. 

I was the most excited for this product because I’m a face mask fanatic! I’ve seen these face masks for sale at the spa, but I never took the plunge to buy one because $5.99 per mask is a tad steep for me. I used this face mask at night and unfortunately after 20 minutes, I felt my skin burning. I originally credited the uncomfortable feeling to the fact that I have very sensitive skin, but I read online reviews by others (with similar and different skin types) who also commented on feeling the same burning sensation. Not only that, the next day when I woke up my skin was peeling and I had large acne blemishes. For me, this mask was a no-go and I’m still suffering with the consequences.

I hope this Beauty Box 5 review is helpful if you’re deciding whether or not to sign up for this particular subscription service. For more information, check out their website Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@pandamoniumpink) if you’re subscribed to Beauty Box 5 or any other beauty subscription service.


Guess Who’s Back?

Hi, my name is Kels and I’m an inconsistent blogger.

These types of posts are becoming a regular occurrence on this blog, wouldn’t you say? I know that I shouldn’t be making excuses for my total lack of blogging, but the combination of taking my end of term exams, finishing up projects at work, and travelling from coast-to-coast resulted in me having very little time to blog. Like I said, these are all excuses and I should have been more prepared with scheduled blog posts, but what’s done is done and I can only more forward at this point.

So what have I been up to if I haven’t been blogging? airport, airplane essentials, up in the air)

Well, the day after I finished writing my exams, I hopped on a plane and flew to Washington DC. I visited a few museums, spent the day at George Washington’s plantation, saw the baby panda at the zoo, shopped til I dropped (of course) and ate. A lot. Memorial, National Zoo, the view from the Lincoln Memorial, Natural History Museum, Georgetown Cupcakes)

I then took the train to New York City where I spent time with my family, explored unfamiliar hoods, and of course did a little more shopping and a lot more eating. the window, Manhattan’s skyline from Williamsburg, out the window at night, Union Square, Meatpacking District) (9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Brooklyn, Natural History Museum, Meatpacking District – oops, a repeat picture!) chicken at Smorgasburg Market, ramen noodles, Dover Street Market, Laduree, Kobe beef buns)

Of course I couldn’t just do 1 coast and not the other, so I flew to San Francisco and relaxed in the sun on the best coast. Yes a lot of shopping and eating was done, but I also visited my aunt who I haven’t seen in 8 years, drove to Bodega Bay (the setting of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds), and continued my thrifting adventure that I started in Brooklyn. Ferry Building, smoked salmon breakfast pizza, Golden Gate Bridge, IN-N-OUT, Bodega Bay)

After all that travelling, I came back home and went straight back to school for a summer term. It was definitely hard being in sunny California one day and back in a window-less computer lab the next, but I’ve been at it for a month now and I’ve accepted that it’s going to be my reality for the next 3 months. sweet home!)

I’ve also been uploading consistently on my 2 YouTube channels (pandamoniumpink & pandamoniumpinkTV). For some reason I found it easier to film, edit and upload a YouTube video while travelling than it was to write, edit and post a blog post, so check out the videos that I uploaded while I wasn’t blogging. I just want to make it clear that I don’t prioritize YouTube over blogging. I love both forms of creativity equally and I’m excited to be able to dedicate my time to both this summer.

In addition to ALL THAT, I’ve been working on changing my lifestyle. I’ve always been an active and healthy person and this past month I took it to the next level by sticking to a very structured fitness plan. I’ve been going to the gym at least once a day (every day) and I cut soda out of my diet. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s a drastic lifestyle change for me and I could not be happier with the decision to do it. Of course I’ll be blogging more about my journey in the future!

So that’s what’s been going on in my life over the past month and a half. Again, I apologize for the lack of blog posts and I’m excited and ready to get the ball rolling again since I’ll be in one place for longer than a week (my travel plans have come to a halt, thanks to my summer course schedule). I don’t want to make any post scheduling promises, but I can say that you’ll be reading AT LEAST one post a week from me on this blog.


All the pictures in this post were taken by me on my iPhone!

GIVEAWAY: Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

It’s time for a giveaway on!

As a way to thank my YouTube subscribers and viewers and my blog readers for supporting Pandamoniumpink, I’m hosting an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette giveaway on my YouTube channel. This giveaway is free to enter (no purchase necessary!) but please be sure to follow all the rules listed down below so that you will be fairly entered into the giveaway.







Good luck,
Kels – My New Vlog Channel

Have you heard? As of last week, I now have a YouTube channel dedicated to vlog (video blogs) videos!

Many moons ago I was using as a second channel and it was where I upload content of all sorts unrelated to beauty & fashion. Over the few months that it was active, that channel hosted tag videos, challenge videos, and vlog videos. Although it was an exciting channel to have and run, I started focusing all of my attention on growing my beauty & lifestyle channel and I harshly neglected posting videos on to the vlog channel. Last February I made the decision to shut the channel down and move the vlog videos on to my beauty & lifestyle channel under a separate video playlist. I had fun creating vlog videos for about a year on my “main” channel, but I was constantly being asked if I would ever consider bringing back my vlog channel.

Since I vlogged for almost an entire year and I knew that it was something that I was passionate about, I began talking to my YouTube manager at the beginning of January 2014 about potentially bringing back We decided that since I had an interest in vlogging and I now had a good grasp of how I could fit it into my daily life, it would be a good move to bring back as a vlog channel. Two weeks ago I made an introduction video for the channel and now I’m on a roll! I’m excited to post vlog videos and since I don’t have to post beauty and lifestyle videos on the same channel to accommodate all of my viewers, I can upload as many vlog videos as I want, whenever I want. So far I only have 1 follow-me-around vlog video up on my new channel, but I have another one coming tomorrow and a whole bunch more planned (I’m heading out of town for a long period of time and I’m going to be vlogging very single day)!

Through my vlog videos, I have the opportunity to show my blog readers (you guys!) a different side of me and everyone can get to know that there’s more about me than the fact that I love beauty products! For those of you who didn’t know that I make vlog videos, check out my vlog playlist on and once you’re done with those videos, move on over to my new channel and continue on with the ones over there! I’m very appreciative for all the support and love that I’ve been receiving about this decision and it keeps me motivated to continue on with this endeavour.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to!

Nails Of The Month: Orly Harmonious Mess & Deborah Lippmann Blinded By The Light

This month I inducted 2 bottles of nail polish into my Nail Polish Holy Grail List.

As we all know, I’m a nail polish fanatic and I find solace in painting my nails a new color every Sunday night (it’s become a tradition that gets me ready for the week ahead). During the month of March, I was constantly repainting my nails the same color combination, which is rare because I love to switch up my color as many times as possible.

This month I’ve been wearing Orly’s Harmonious Mess, a light cloudy grey – blue color that looks baby blue in the sunlight, as an all over nail color and Deborah Lippmann’s Blinded By The Light, a silver holographic glitter chunk extravaganza that looks like a disco ball, as an accent nail color.

Orly’s Harmonious Mess is a gorgeous, thick, opaque nail polish that applies smoothly and lasts up to six days without chipping. In these pictures, I painted my nails with two coats of the Orly polish and I finished it off with one coat of Orly In A Snap quick dry top coat.

I’ve always been a fan of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, especially the chunky glitter shades, even though they can be tough to remove (click here to see my 5 minute glitter polish removal video). I find it hard to resist buying the Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes because they’re always unique, they apply evenly (there’s no need for 3+ layers), and they have fabulous names. This month I wanted a subtle hint of sparkle, so I only painted my ring fingers with one coat of Blinded By The Light over top of Orly’s Harmonius Mess. It was the perfect amount of bling and it worked for any occasion!

What color nails have you been rocking this month? Do you like to switch up your nail color once a week like I do?
Let me know in the comments down below or on twitter @pandamoniumpink.


All photos are my own and they were taken with a Nikon P520 camera.