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As a way to thank my YouTube subscribers and viewers and my blog readers for supporting Pandamoniumpink, I’m hosting an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette giveaway on my YouTube channel. This giveaway is free to enter (no purchase necessary!) but please be sure to follow all the rules listed down below so that you will be fairly entered into the giveaway.







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About these ads – My New Vlog Channel

Have you heard? As of last week, I now have a YouTube channel dedicated to vlog (video blogs) videos!

Many moons ago I was using as a second channel and it was where I upload content of all sorts unrelated to beauty & fashion. Over the few months that it was active, that channel hosted tag videos, challenge videos, and vlog videos. Although it was an exciting channel to have and run, I started focusing all of my attention on growing my beauty & lifestyle channel and I harshly neglected posting videos on to the vlog channel. Last February I made the decision to shut the channel down and move the vlog videos on to my beauty & lifestyle channel under a separate video playlist. I had fun creating vlog videos for about a year on my “main” channel, but I was constantly being asked if I would ever consider bringing back my vlog channel.

Since I vlogged for almost an entire year and I knew that it was something that I was passionate about, I began talking to my YouTube manager at the beginning of January 2014 about potentially bringing back We decided that since I had an interest in vlogging and I now had a good grasp of how I could fit it into my daily life, it would be a good move to bring back as a vlog channel. Two weeks ago I made an introduction video for the channel and now I’m on a roll! I’m excited to post vlog videos and since I don’t have to post beauty and lifestyle videos on the same channel to accommodate all of my viewers, I can upload as many vlog videos as I want, whenever I want. So far I only have 1 follow-me-around vlog video up on my new channel, but I have another one coming tomorrow and a whole bunch more planned (I’m heading out of town for a long period of time and I’m going to be vlogging very single day)!

Through my vlog videos, I have the opportunity to show my blog readers (you guys!) a different side of me and everyone can get to know that there’s more about me than the fact that I love beauty products! For those of you who didn’t know that I make vlog videos, check out my vlog playlist on and once you’re done with those videos, move on over to my new channel and continue on with the ones over there! I’m very appreciative for all the support and love that I’ve been receiving about this decision and it keeps me motivated to continue on with this endeavour.

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Nails Of The Month: Orly Harmonious Mess & Deborah Lippmann Blinded By The Light

This month I inducted 2 bottles of nail polish into my Nail Polish Holy Grail List.

As we all know, I’m a nail polish fanatic and I find solace in painting my nails a new color every Sunday night (it’s become a tradition that gets me ready for the week ahead). During the month of March, I was constantly repainting my nails the same color combination, which is rare because I love to switch up my color as many times as possible.

This month I’ve been wearing Orly’s Harmonious Mess, a light cloudy grey – blue color that looks baby blue in the sunlight, as an all over nail color and Deborah Lippmann’s Blinded By The Light, a silver holographic glitter chunk extravaganza that looks like a disco ball, as an accent nail color.

Orly’s Harmonious Mess is a gorgeous, thick, opaque nail polish that applies smoothly and lasts up to six days without chipping. In these pictures, I painted my nails with two coats of the Orly polish and I finished it off with one coat of Orly In A Snap quick dry top coat.

I’ve always been a fan of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, especially the chunky glitter shades, even though they can be tough to remove (click here to see my 5 minute glitter polish removal video). I find it hard to resist buying the Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes because they’re always unique, they apply evenly (there’s no need for 3+ layers), and they have fabulous names. This month I wanted a subtle hint of sparkle, so I only painted my ring fingers with one coat of Blinded By The Light over top of Orly’s Harmonius Mess. It was the perfect amount of bling and it worked for any occasion!

What color nails have you been rocking this month? Do you like to switch up your nail color once a week like I do?
Let me know in the comments down below or on twitter @pandamoniumpink.


All photos are my own and they were taken with a Nikon P520 camera.

My February Beauty Favorites

Even though I was sick for the entire month of February, I still had the opportunity to try out new makeup products. After weeks of putting my newly hauled items to the test (yes, that haul video was pre-filmed), I was able to narrow my favorites down to 3 makeup products. Not only did I find my “Holy Grail” tinted moisturizer, a waterproof mascara that replaces my tried and true L’Oreal Voluminous Millions Of Lashes waterproof mascara and a neutral palette that I now can’t live without, but I also started wearing a classic timepiece daily and relaxing with a cup of tea that tastes like dessert.

My February Favorites:
1. The Balm Cosmetics – Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 18 in Light
2. Lorac Cosmetics – Pro Palette
3. Maybelline – The Falsies Volum’ Express – Brownish Black Waterproof
4. Mighty Leaf Tea – Chocolat Mine Truffle
5. Bluecell Multi Color Digital SLR camera neck/shoulder strap
6. Marc By Marc Jacobs – Henry Dinky watch

To see me review all of these products on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

What were your favorite beauty products in the month of February? Did you welcome any new products into your makeup routine or did you stick with what you know works best for you? Let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet onTwitter @pandamoniumpink.


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What’s In My Herschel Supply Co. Backpack?

It’s been a while.
5 weeks to be exact….

Taking a month off from blogging definitely wasn’t the plan, but unfortunately that’s what happened. If you’ve been following Pandamoniumpink on YouTube and Twitter, you would know that 5 weeks ago I was hit hard with the flu and I’ve been trying to get back to normal ever since. I’m now stuck with a terrible, terrible cough, but hey, it’s better than having a fever, the sniffles, the chills AND a cough all at the same time! A week ago I was finally well enough to film a video (I actually went a bit posting crazy and uploaded 4 video in the span of 1 week) and this week I decided that it was time to get back to blogging. I’m going to try my best to get back to a regular posting schedule, but I’m warning you now that the next few weeks are going to be hectic because it’s the last month of my school term and have to catch up on all of the school work that I missed and I have to go into final exam mode. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be back to blogging (and YouTubing) and I can’t wait to post new content!

Enough excuses, let’s get on to the post!

I’m pretty sure that it’s human nature to be curious about what other people carry in their bags and since my school term is ending soon, I thought it would be appropriate for me to do an updated What I’m Currently Carrying post. All the items pictured below are the EXACT items that I carry with me in my Herschel Supply Co. backpack on a daily basis and they’re the items that I can’t function properly without (this post actually encouraged me to sort through the contents of my backpack and clean out all of the receipts, take out cutlery, and gum wrappers at the bottom of it). Also, it was requested that I film an updated What’s In My Backpack video to go along with this blog post, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of these products in action in a video that should go up in the next week or so.

1. Apple 13 Inch MacBook Pro
Since both of my jobs require a laptop and I’m a college student, my MacBook Pro is always with me. Yes it weighs down my backpack at times, but it’s a necessity that I don’t mind lugging around. Am I the only one who prefers typing on a laptop instead of on an iPad mini?

2. DKNY Be Delicious & Golden Delicious Rollerball Duo
Sometimes I can be indecisive when it comes to picking a scent to wear, so I love having my DKNY Be Delicious & Golden Delicious Rollerball Duo on hand because it means that I have 2 scent options to choose from. Neither of the scents smell overpowering, so they’re great for any time of the day, especially when you want a fresh and floral pick me up.

3. Apple iPhone 4
Technically my iPhone isn’t an item that you’ll find IN my backpack because it’s usually in my hand or in my pocket, but I decided to include it on the list since it’s an item that I can’t live without. Let me know if you want me to do an updated What’s On My iPhone video or blog post!

4. Nikon CoolPix P520 Camera
Even though my Nikon camera is bulky to carry and it takes up a lot of space in my backpack, I love carrying it with me because I never know when I’m going to snap a picture or take a video clip of something interesting for my PandaVlogs video series.

5. Victorinox Swiss Pocket Knife – Classic Pink Transparent & Matte Pink Zippo Lighter
My dad always taught me to be prepared for any situation, so I always have a pocket knife and a lighter on hand. Even though they’re for emergency situations, it doesn’t mean that they both can’t be pink colored!

6. Nail Polish
I don’t usually touch up my nails while I’m on the go, but I’ve started to keep an assortment of nail polish colors in my backpack. Recently, I’ve been finding myself in situations where I’ve needed to fix my chipped nails before an important meeting, so my thinking is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Trident Gum
Gum is the ONE thing that I can’t leave the house without. This might sound crazy, but chewing gum helps me focus and I work so much better if I have a minty wad of gum in my mouth.

8. EOS Lip Balm, Real Techniques Powder Brush & Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Once my makeup is on my face I don’t usually touch it up, but since my skin can get excessively oily throughout the day, I like to have my pressed powder and a powder brush in my bag just incase I need to blot my face. I also keep my lip balm in my bag (or jacket pocket) because my lips have been getting dry and chapped due to the winter weather conditions that my city is still going through.

9. Earbuds
Music. Is. My. Life.
Enough said.

10. Vera Bradley All In One Wristlet
This wristlet is my lifesaver and holds my cash, cards, and ID. I keep all of my keys (a whopping total of 9) looped on the cloth handle and I’m also starting to build a keychain collection on the metal key rings!

11. Moleskine Notebook
Over the past few years I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying a notebook with me to jot down notes and lists. I prefer writing in Moleskine notebooks because they have a simple design and a non-spiral binding (I sound like a notebook snob, but I’m really not)!

12. Mophie Juice Pack Reserve External Battery
Since I’m always on my phone Snapchatting, What’s App-ing, texting, and snapping Instagram pictures, an external battery back for my iPhone is a necessity for me. I always charge my Mophie overnight and it gives my phone enough juice to power through the entire day.

What are you currently carrying in your bag? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me a picture of what’s inside of your bag at @pandamoniumpink! Thank you again for continuing to supporting my blog even though I’ve been absent due to the flu. I’m really glad to be back to blogging and I can’t wait to bring you new content (possibly 2-3 times a week)!


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Spring 2014 – Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Blush

Oh stop, you’re making me blush…

But really, thank you for all the tweets and comments that you’ve all been leaving me regarding my recent nail polish posts. I originally started (about) three years ago to share my love of nail polish with the online beauty community, so it makes me happy when I go back to my blog’s “roots” and receive positive feedback on my nail polish content.

As I mentioned in my NARS Narcissist Eyeshadow Palette post, I’ve been keeping an eye on all of the Spring 2014 makeup releases and I’m going to be updating the blog as regularly as possible with the products that I’m most excited about. After the success of  the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette back in the Fall, I had a suspicion that Hourglass would be following up with more Ambient Lighting products (specifically blushes since it’s a relative of the highlighter and pressed powder family) and hey, I was right! Hourglass says that these blushes have Photoluminescent Technology to exhibit depth and dimension, which to me means that they will each have their own unique glow and will create different lighting effects, similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders.

There will be 6 Ambient Lighting blushes added to the Hourglass permanent collection and they will each retail for $36, which is definitely on the pricy side, BUT they will all be free of parabens, talc, fragrance, nano particles, and gluten. Hourglass claims that these blushes will feel airy and lightweight on the skin, have build-able color, and will be balanced so that there’s the perfect combination of powder and pigment. According to Hourglass, these blushes will reinvent the way we wear blush.

Here’s a description of each of the blushes that was released by Hourglass:

Dim Infusion: A subdued coral blush fused with Dim Light to add warmth
Diffused Heat: A vibrant poppy blush combined with Diffused Light for a subtle halo effect
Luminous Flush: A champagne rose blush fused with Luminous Light to evoke a candlelit glimmer
Radiant Magenta: A golden fuchsia blush combined with Radiant Light for a summer glow
Mood Exposure: A soft plum blush fused with Mood Light to brighten the complexion
Ethereal Glow: A cool pink blush fused with Ethereal Light for a moonlit luminosity

These blushes are currently for sale at and they will be available at Sephora on February 2.

I’m excited about this blush line, especially the peachy- pink one, because Hourglass products always deliver what they promise, they are packaged beautifully, and they feel luxurious on the skin; however, because of the price, I’m definitely going to put a lot of thought into which blush I’ll be investing in because there’s no way I can justify buying two or three blushes at once!

Will you be buying the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes despite the high price? Do you think they’ll be as popular as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting face powders? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @pandamoniumpink!


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Essie Belugaria

A deliciously luxurious nail polish: it’s caviar for your nails…

Last week I was having a bad day at school and I decided to make an impulse nail polish buy at London Drugs. Although I’m not a fan of Essie nail polish because of it’s streaky application, I’ve been intrigued by a nail polish that they released in their Holiday 2013 collection. I’ve seen Essie’s Belugaria in stores over the past few months, but I never gave it a second look because I thought it was just a basic black nail polish with hexagonal holographic glitter.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

Belugaria is a textured nail polish that really does look like a nail polish version of beluga caviar. It’s a textured nail polish that is similar to OPI’s Liquid Sands nail polish line, except chunkier. Way chunkier. If you’re a fan of ugly pretty colors (not to be confused with pretty ugly colors), this is the nail polish for you because it’s finish, texture, and color is an acquired taste, just like beluga caviar.

However, I do have a few issues about this nail polish. First off, the application process for this nail polish was a nightmare because there’s no way to evenly (and neatly) apply this nail polish since it’s textured to the max. The first coat was streaky and the caviar bits were distributed haphazardly on the nail. The second coat looked so disturbingly similar to black tar or molten lava, but it filled in the “gaps” where nail polish wasn’t distributed in the first coat. Secondly, I have no idea how difficult it would be to remove this nail polish. Yes, I should have written this blog post after experimenting with this nail polish multiple times, but honestly, I have no idea when I’ll be wearing this nail polish next. Since I’m familiar with OPI’s Liquid Sands nail polish line, I decided to go ahead and follow their instructions and not apply a top coat to Belugaria, in fear that I’d make removing this polish ten times harder. Lastly, this nail polish dries at lightning speed so I had to work pretty quickly to make sure that the nail polish was somewhat spread out evenly on my nails. The fact that it has a speedy drying time is a plus if you’re someone like me who isn’t patient while painting your nails, but on the other hand, it makes applying this nail polish harder because there’s more chance for error.

Overall, I do like this nail polish because it’s has an interesting texture and the holographic glitter does give it a hidden shine, but it’s not a nail polish that I think I’d gravitate towards frequently. It certainly makes my nails look really interesting from afar, but up close it does have the potential to look messy depending on how carefully I apply the nail polish.

Below I’ve included pictures that I took of my nails right after they were painted. I tried taking pictures of my nails from different angles so that you could really get a sense of the caviar texture. Please keep in mind that I didn’t add a top coat so my nails aren’t glossy or shiny.

Will you be trying Essie’s Belugaria nail polish? How do you feel about the textured nail polish trend?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @pandamoniumpink.


All pictures were taken by me with a Nikon Coolpix P520

Sally Hansen Nail Polish – 3, 2, 1derland

There’s no such thing as too much glitter…

It’s a known fact on this blog and on our YouTube channel that I love collecting nail polish. Over the past few years I haven’t been buying glitter nail polishes because they’re a pain to remove (even though I have a video on how to remove glitter nail polish in 5 minutes), but I couldn’t resist buying this gorgeous Sally Hansen nail polish when I saw it on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2. Not only does 3, 2, 1derland remind me of my favorite Deborah Lippman nail polish, but it’s a gorgeous combination of various sized aqua blue and green glitter chunks. The polish’s brush is easy to work with and it picks up glitter easily, so this polish is perfect to use as a top coat or an all over nail color.

This nail polish was a part of the Sally Hansen 2013 limited edition Bling In The New Year collection and recently I’ve been seeing it on sale racks at Target and in various drug stores.

Do you like wearing glitter nail polish? If not, is it because it’s challenging to remove?
Let me know what kind of nail polish you prefer to wear in the comments below or on Twitter @pandamoniumpink.


Pictures taken by me with a Nikon Coolpix P520 camera.

Spring 2014: NARS Narcissist Eyeshadow Palette

Do I really need another neutral eyeshadow palette?
Yes, yes I do.

Who am I kidding? Another neutral makeup palette is the LAST thing that I need in my makeup collection. Thanks to Santa, my neutral palette collection welcomed the Lorac Pro Palette into the family on Christmas morning and I decided right then and there that I was going to resolve to never buy another neutral eyeshadow palette again. With my Urban Decay NAKED palettes, my completed neutral M.A.C customizable palette, my Balm nude matte palettes, and my makeup drawer full of neutral drugstore eyeshadow singles, duos, and trios, I can honestly say that I’m set for life when it comes to neutral eyeshadow and there’s no way that I’m ever going to hit pan on half of them even if I tried really, really hard to.

That being said, when I saw the promo pictures for the NARS Narcissist eyeshadow palette, which is being released in NARS’ Spring 2014 collection, a voice in the back of my head was telling me that I needed to at least take a look at the palette in person and swatch it before I made any buying decision.

There’s no harm in looking, right?

Even though I’ve had adverse reactions to NARS products in the past (the blushes, bronzers, and highlighters make me break out into hives), I would still consider buying this eyeshadow palette because the colors are absolutely stunning and I’m familiar with the quality of NARS eyeshadows. I do agree that the price is steep at $75 USD, but it contains 15 highly pigmented eyeshadows (3 more eyeshadows than any of the NAKED palettes), a full mirror, and of course it’s encased in the iconic matte black NARS packaging.

This palette is the perfect combination of the Urban Decay NAKED 1 and 2 palettes and it features a combination of matte, shimmery, and pearly finishes. If you’re someone like me who already owns more neutral palettes than necessary, I wouldn’t rush out and buy this palette, but if you’re someone who is on the market for neutral eyeshadows or who wants to invest in a high quality neutral eyeshadow palette, I would definitely give NARS Narcissist a go. You can find this palette online and in department stores on February 1st.

Is the NARS Narcissist eyeshadow palette something that you’d be interested in or do you have your eye on a different neutral eyeshadow palette? Let me know in the comment section down below or on Twitter @Pandamoniumpink.


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Home Decor Inspiration: At Home Office Space

It’s been too long since I last posted a Home Decor Inspiration post…

Since the last Home Decor Inspiration post, I’ve been introducing more color into my bedroom and I’ve been working to transform it into a space that really reflects my personality and incorporates my interests. This year, I really want to switch gears and focus on getting my home office space organized. Because I work from home, my desk is where I spend the most amount of time, so it makes sense that I should focus my home decor energy on my office space.

Right now, my desk is doubling as my vanity and often enough when I’m trying to get work done, I get distracted and start playing with my makeup. I do have enough space in my home office to fit both a desk and a vanity, so I really need to take some time to start thinking about office decor and organization, and to take a trip to IKEA.

You’ll notice in the pictures below that I’ve found on Pinterest that I love the idea of having an inspiration board (since I love collecting wall art) and a clean and simple desk space. I love the minimalist design feel and the mixture of wood, brick and cement finishes. I desperately need to separate my makeup, school work, and work from my job, so I need to find pieces that maximize my storage space but still fit with the vibe and the theme that I’m going for.

How do you like to organize your work space? Do you look for inspiration on Pinterest?
Let me know in the comments down below or tweet me @pandamoniumpink. Also, please let me know if you have a favorite home decor Pinterest board, website, or magazine that you think I’d love to check out!


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