Blogilates #30DayFlatAbs Challenge

I haven’t written a blog post regarding my 2015 resolutions yet (I’ll link it to this post when I do), but implementing a new fitness routine is definitely on my list. I know getting into shape is a common resolution, but if you’ve been following my health and fitness Instagram account, then you would know that strength training is something that I’ve been working on for the past few months. Although it’s hard for me to admit this, especially on social media, I fell off the fitness wagon in December and I lost track of my goals and veered away from my daily workout routine. When January rolled around I became incredibly motivated to get back on track and I decided to start off the year with the Blogilates #30DayFlatAbs challenge.

If you’ve never heard of or, where have you been?! Cassey Ho is a fitness guru, entrepreneur, and the mastermind behind Blogilates. On her YouTube channel she creates fun, challenging, and educational workout videos and on her website she has meal plans, recipes, printables, and a monthly workout calendar (for both beginners and seasoned Blogilates members). Here’s a picture of the challenge and the link to Cassey’s #30DayFlatAbs blog post. I’m currently on day 16, so join me on Instagram if you want to see how I’m doing and how my new year’s fitness resolutions are coming along!

If you want to get flat abs I challenge YOU to complete the #30DayFlatAbs challenge! This challenge is great for gym rookies and gym rats alike, so what are you waiting for?! LET’S GET PHYSICAL and kick off the year with rocking abs!

Cheers, Kels

Lilly Pulitzer 2014-2015 Agendas

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Oops, I did it again, I bought ANOTHER 2014-15 agenda! I wasn’t intending to buy a new agenda because I already have a gorgeous Kate Spade one, but I couldn’t resist the Lilly Lovers print…especially at 50% during a pre-Christmas sale. From grade 1-12 I went to a preparatory school where agenda usage was mandatory (honestly, I’m not quite sure what I had to organize at age 5), so I guess you can say that using an agenda is ingrained into me. When I went to university I continued using an agenda, even though everyone else was using their electronic devices to plan out their day, and I even found other agenda obsessed people in the Greek system. Who knew joining a sorority would introduce me to agenda lovers?!

I got my first Lilly Pulitzer agendas during my freshman year of university, thanks to my sorority sisters, and I’ve had one every year since. This past summer I unfortunately lost my agenda and could only find a Kate Spade replacement (not that I was complaining about the one that I got), but it just wasn’t the same. Lucky for me, the Shopping Gods pulled through and I found a new Lilly Pulitzer agenda at a stationary store on sale just before the new year started. I love Lilly Pulitzer agendas because they have a simple layout, lots of writing room, colorful illustrated pages, and STICKERS. Yes, stickers still excite me.

In my agenda I love planning out my day/week/month/year, making to-do lists, using multi-colored pens and highlighters and flagging important pages with neon sticky notes. If you want a Lilly Pulitzer agenda review video or a How I Organize My Agenda video on my YouTube channel, let me know and I’ll be sure to film one. If you’re not already using an agenda or if you’re looking for a new one, I would highly recommend getting a Lilly Pulitzer agenda in the large size.

This year Lilly Pulitzer has 6 agenda designs to choose from: The Hot Spot, Trippin and Sippin, Loopy Lilly, Juice Print Monkeys, Jellies Be Jammin, Lilly Lovers, Tusk In The Sun, and Let’s Cha Cha.

Trust me, with these agendas you’ll be one step closer to having a stress-free, organized year.


*PS: The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is happening RIGHT NOW for the next few hours! Click here to shop the Lilly Pulitzer online store and score BIG!

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Hello 2015!

“Here’s to the bright New Year 
And a fond farewell to the old; 
Here’s to the things that are yet to come 
And to the memories that we hold.”

All of us at wish you a very Happy New Year!
May 2015 be a year of happiness, good health, prosperity, and many more blog posts!

Cheers and good luck,

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Topbox December 2014 Unboxing & First Impressions

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe sized samples monthly right to your door for $12 a month (shipping included). Topbox is the only subscription box service that I’m signed up with at the moment (I cancelled my other subscription box services a few months ago) and I’ve been very happy with the products that I’ve been receiving, as well as their customer service. I’ve decided to write monthly Topbox unboxing posts from here on in, so here’s post number one!

The contents of my December 2014 Topbox:

1. Marsk Natural Mineral Eyeshadow – Rich List
“You can use the product wet or dry to take your look from subtle to dramatic in a blink of an eye. Simply coat the brush with powder (wet or dry) and sweep over the lid. 1.2g – $22.50″

My first impression: A loose pigment eyeshadow? This is going to get very messy. Because I’m a klutz when it comes to using loose pigment makeup products, I wasn’t thrilled at first about getting this product. It wasn’t until I tested it out for a New Year’s Eve look that I realized how gorgeous it looked and easy it was to use. The pigment is glittery and I love how the pot has a sieve so the pigment doesn’t get everywhere. I tested it out wet and dry and this gorgeous shade works as either an all over lid color or as an accent. It’s a true holiday gold color (instead of a bronze gold or orange gold) and I can confirm that it works with all neutral eyeshadow colors.

2. Kinetics nail polish – Ice Smoothie
“Developed from a double patented formula, Kinetics nail polish has plasticizers that facilitate smooth, easy application supported by saturated pigments for vivid, crisp, colours. 15mL – $12″

My first impression: I absolutely LOVE the deep, blue based purple color and the narrow brush makes the application mess-free. With the Seche Vite top coat it lasted on my nails for 5 days without chipping, but I change up my polish every 7 days so that this short time frame wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Unfortunately, there is no metal ball in the bottle to help mix the polish when it separates, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to stash it away in your nail polish collection for later use.

3. Eslor – Proprietary HPT System 
“Eslor differentiates itself by its proprietary HPT System (Hydrate, Protect and Treat) that transforms the skin and effectively increases your overall skin health. No prices available.”

My first impression: Foil sample packets? Forget it. I’ve actually received this sample pack in a previous Topbox, so this is more of a review than a first impression. Not only did the products do nothing for my skin, but it was hard to use because of the sample packaging. This entire kit was a no go for me.

4. Faith Aromatherapy and Apothecary – Gingerbread shower gel 
“Apply 3 pumps of Gingerbread shower gel to sponge or loofah gloves and lather over body. Due to the circulation increasing affect of Clove and Cinnamon Bark oils, your skin may turn red for a few minutes after use. 250mL – $15.99″

My first impression: Wow, a full sized bottle in my box! The product description didn’t make me want to try this product at all, but once I did I was happy that I took the plunge because it realistically smells like gingerbread, it’s certified organic, and I felt squeaky clean and didn’t have any skin irritations!

Let me know on Twitter (@pandamoniumpink) if you enjoy these unboxing posts and if you’d like to sign up for the Topbox subscription service, check out their website here:


What I Got For Christmas (2014): Beauty Edition

The ever so popular “What I Got For Christmas” video has been making the rounds on YouTube over the past 4 days, so I decided, once again, to film one of my own. This Christmas my family and friends spoiled me rotten and I was very fortunate to receive makeup gifts. Today’s blog post is just going to be a list of the items that I received, but over the next few months I will be writing product reviews, so please be patient with me while I experiment with each of the makeup products.

To me, Christmas is less about the presents that I’ve received and more about spending time with family, friends and loved ones, and giving back to the community. Please keep in mind while watching my video and reading this blog post that I am not trying to brag about my presents and I am extremely grateful and appreciative to have

Here is a detailed list of each of the items mentioned in the video:

1. EOS lip balm in Blueberry Acai

2. Sephora Absolutely Fabu-bliss Set (not pictured)
– 1 High Intensity Hand Cream
– 1 Lemon + Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream
– 1 Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
– 2 Incredi-Peel Glycolic Resurfacing Pads

3. Tarte Amazonian Clay eyeshadow palette 
– 16 eyeshadows: Tickled Pink, Playful Plum, Beaming Bronze, Grateful Grey, Radiant Rosewood, Sage Advice, Alluring Almond, Hot cocoa, Ideal Ivory, Roasted Chestnut, Marvelous Mocha, Truly Taupe, Buttercream Frosting, Pumped Up Purple, Peachy Keen, Blissful Brown

4. Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay cheek palette 
– 5 blushes: Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, Irreplaceable

5. Elizabeth & James Nirvana White rollerball
– Scent notes: delicate peony, chic muguet, tender musk

6. Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box ‘O Blushes palette
– 5 blushes: Coralista, Rockateur, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Dandelion
– 1 bronzer: Hoola
– 1 highlighter: Watts Up
– 1 brush

7. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette 
– 6 eyeshadows: Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone

8. Too Faced La Belle Carousel gift set
– 12 eyeshadows:Yule Log, Tufted Sude, Haute Chocolate, Angel Hair, Frost, Tin Solider, Christmas Tree, Santa’s Boots, Nutcracker, Sugar Plum Fairy, Boxes & Bows, Nude Beach
– 2 bronzers: Sun Bunny Dark, Chocolate Soleil
– 2 blushes: Who’s Your Poppy, Luminous Peach
– 1 mascara: Better Than Sex

9. Tarte Kiss & Belle LipSurgence gift set
– 4 deluxe LipSurgence lip tints: Dreamy, Alluring, Innocent, Dainty
– 2 deluxe LipSurgence matte lip tints: Eternal, Fancy
– 2 deluxe LipSurgence lip glosses: Kiss, Belle

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I will not be buying any makeup products for the next little while! Again, check out my YouTube video on each of these products and keep an eye out for my product review blog posts that will be coming at you in the new year.


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Last Minute Gifts For A Blogger

With only 1 week left until Christmas, the malls are extremely busy at all hours of the day and shoppers are going into high panic mode trying to tick off every gift on their list.

Fortunately for me, since I try my absolute hardest to stay away from large crowds, I completed my holiday shopping at the end of November, thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If you’re not as anal about your Christmas shopping as I am and you’re still scrambling to find that last minute gift for the blogger on your list, DO NOT PANIC because I’ve got your back! To make it easier for you, I’ve decided to put together a Polyvore collage filled with gift ideas and direct links to each of the products. This holiday season should and WILL be stress-free so sit back, boil a cup of tea/brew a cup of coffee, and shop my holiday cheat sheet in the comfort of your own home.

1. Moleskine Volant Notebook (set of 2) – $8 on Amazon (free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime!)
Bloggers can be inspired anywhere at any time. When inspiration hits it’s always nice to have a thin notebook on hand (or in a purse) to jot down blog post ideas! Moleskine notebooks are durable and practical, and their design is classic and timeless. They have many styles and themed notebooks so the hard part is deciding which one is right for your present!

2. Customized Camera Strap from PhatStraps – $25-50 on
There’s a very likely chance that the blogger on your list owns a camera, so why not help make it one of a kind! PhatStraps offers a large assortment of camera straps for DSLR camera, which makes personalizing a camera incredibly simple. Do they carry reversible camera straps? Check! Do they carry wrist straps? Check! Do they have a variety of patterns and images to choose from? Check! My personal favorites are the NFL/College football and chevron prints!

3. Large Tea Latte Mug – $14.50 from David’s Tea
There’s no better way to start the day off than with an extra large cup of tea or coffee! This mug from David’s Tea holds 24oz of liquid and I guarantee that it will help kickstart any morning. The beauty of this gift is that it can be enjoyed by tea lovers or coffee lovers, and you can slip a bag of tea leave/ground coffee beans inside!

4. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones – $109 on Amazon (free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime!)
Sometimes a blogger needs a musical stimuli to focus and concentrate while writing, editing pictures, or replying to emails. These noise cancelling earphones block out all ambient sounds and it makes the music sound AMAZING. My favorite place to use them? In a coffee shop, hands down. Goodbye distractions!

5. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen (20 color pack) – $29.95 on Amazon (free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime!)
To a blogger, colored pens are always useful! Whether it’s used for list making, card writing, or agenda decorating, these pens are an excellent choice that will make any written word POP! The best part is that they won’t bleed through the page and if you accidentally leave the cap off, they won’t dry up right away.

6. RAVPower Element External Battery Pack Portable Charger Power Bank – $29.99 on Amazon (free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime!)
Having a dead phone battery is one of a blogger’s worst nightmare. A portable battery is the best solution to avoid this problem at all costs so the blogger can charge their phone or tablet on the go and stay on top of their Twitter and Instagram feeds.

I hope this gift guide cheat sheet helps you finish up your Christmas shopping, stress-free. Let me know on Twitter (@pandamoniumpink) if you have any other gift suggestions for bloggers!

Happy Holidays,

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We Had A Killer Time Whale Watching – Our Day Adventure In Pictures

A few weeks ago, Ed and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go on a whale watching tour! I’ve been mentioning all summer that I wanted to go on a tour because marine biology fascinates me, so Ed surprised me by arranging a whale watching day with the Prince Of Whales whale watching tour company. Honestly, I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to whales (I focused a lot of my attention on sea otters when we studied marine biology), so I was excited to spend the day on a boat learning all about them!

We started our journey at 8am in downtown Vancouver, where we met the 10 other people who would accompany us that day, as well as the 2 tour guides and captain. Once we were dressed in our long yellow water jackets and had gone over all the safety precautions, we loaded everything on to the boat and set out for the day. I wasn’t too sure what to expect on the boat because Ed didn’t give me much information about anything, so I was surprised that it had a small kitchen area, a heated covered section, 2 washrooms, and a ton of seating. I guess I should have known that a whale watching tour boat is very different than a sail boat, which is what I’m more familiar with. Although it was a rainy day, we were optimistic that the sun would come out in the afternoon and we would have a pleasant trip. If you’re planning on going whale watching, my number 1 tip right off the bat would be to wear layers. It’s cold when you get out into the water and I was very lucky that I was over prepared by wearing 4 layers and a jacket!

The boat headed south towards the San Juan Islands, which was where the majority of the whale watching occurred. On the way there, which took around 3 hours, the two tour guides (who were also certified captains and marine biologists) gave us a lesson on whales. We were educated on the different species of whales, their behaviour and eating habits, their relationship with humans in the past and present, and we even went over identification charts and pictures of the pods that we would be seeing. We touched on the other marine life that lived along the West Coast, as well as the geography of the area, and I would definitely agree that the time passed by very quickly on the boat because we were hearing so much information. Learning in depth about what we would be seeing definitely added to the whale watching experience and it gave us a good insight as to what to expect that day.

Once we reached our destination, the boat’s engine was switched off and we began searching for whales. We saw sunbathing seals (pictured below), a variety of birds, and lo and behold… WHALES! We saw 3 of them and were told by the guides that 1 of them was the eldest in the pod (appropriately named Grandma), 1 of them was the youngest, and 1 of them was adopted from another pod. It was absolutely incredible to be so close to the whales and witness them hunt for fish and course play with each other! The guides said that the whales were used to people and boats because they grew up around research and tour boats. Although the whales loved to come right up to the boats, the boats had to relocate at times to make sure that the whales and (people on the boat) were safe.

I’m aware that my pictures of the whales aren’t the best, but check out the Prince of Whales’ blog to see daily updates on whale spottings and pictures!

After the whale watching portion of the day was over, we continued on towards Victoria, BC. It took us an hour to get to Victoria by boat from the whale watching location, but the sun was starting to poke its way out from behind the clouds and it was finally starting to warm up. Included in the tour was a ticket to the famous Butchart Gardens, so our plan was to grab lunch in downtown Victora and then catch the tour bus that went to the gardens. I had a steak salad for lunch, which didn’t look appetizing at all, but was surprisingly good, and after, we poked around a few tourist shops and bought matching caps because they were on sale for $2 and we’re weird like that.

The bus ride to Butchart Gardens was about an hour long, but we were so excited when we finally got there because all the flowers were in bloom, the pumpkins were being brought out, and the view was breathtaking. Here are a few pictures from the gardens that we visited. We didn’t have as much time as would have liked to explore the entire grounds, but we saw the Butchart Garden’s listed highlights and of course picked up some rose flavored gelato (it was delicious)!

After a long, exciting day, it was time to board the boat and return to Vancouver. It was a pleasant ride back since it was sunny and I managed to take a few photos of the beautiful scenery. After this short day trip, Ed and I are definitely planning to return to Victoria (especially the Butchart Gardens) to explore further. Who knows, we might end up taking another whale watching tour!

If you’re ever in the Vancouver area, check out Prince of Whales whale watching tour! I highly recommend them because their staff are very knowledgeable and the company has a whale spotting guarantee! To learn more about whales and the Prince of Whales whale watching tour, check out their website and blog at


All the pictures in this blog post are my own. I took them with an iPhone 5s camera.


Last week, thanks to one of my best friends Sean, I had the opportunity to go backstage at Vancouver Fashion Week! Like I mentioned in a previous post, VFW is relatively new and is much smaller than fashion week in other cities, but it was still exciting to attend nonetheless and I had a fantastic time having an all-access pass to all of the tents.

This year P&G was one of VFW’s main sponsors and I got the chance to check out the makeup and hair products from CoverGirl, Olay and Pantene that were used on all of the models. As you can imagine for a beauty lover like myself, it was a dream come true to be in a room with hundreds and hundreds of products and I found it so interesting to see first hand how they were being put to use to transform each of the models into the various charted makeup looks.

In addition to living out some of my wildest makeup dreams, I had the honor and privilege to meet and sit down and talk with Melissa Karis – Beauty Communications Director of P&G Canada (and the women with my dream job), Justin German – P&G Lead Stylist for Pantene, Amelie Ducharme – P&G Lead Makeup Artist for CoverGirl, and Jamal Abdourahman – Founder of VFW. It was fascinating and inspiring to hear how each of them broke into the fashion and beauty industry and made it to the top of their profession, while continuing to have a passion for their job.

pandamoniumpink.comFrom left to right: Melissa Karis – Beauty Communications Director of P&G Canada, Justin German – P&G Lead Stylist for Pantene, Amelie Ducharme – P&G Lead Makeup Artist for CoverGirl

pandamoniumpink.comOutfit: Navy blue one shoulder dress – Nordstrom / Accessories: Chanel Mini Flap / Makeup: CoverGirl CG Smoothers BB Cream, Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder, MAC Capricious lip stick, CoverGirl Lash Blast Clump Crusher mascara, Prestige Waterproof eyeliner 

All in all, VFW 2014 was a great success and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow in the upcoming years. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this year and to spend all afternoon backstage and I hope you enjoyed reading all about my experience. Again, a huge shout-out goes out to my buddy Sean for brining me along!


All the pictures above were taken by myself on an iPhone 5s

My Sephora Holiday 2014 Sneak Peek Wish List

Every year I look forward to Sephora’s holiday sets and this year is no exception! I love buying these sets for my family and friends as Christmas presents or for myself (since my birthday is in December and I look at it as one big TREAT YO SELF month) because it’s a great opportunity to try multiple products from various brands at a valued price. I went through each of the sets on the Sephora website and in stores, and I narrowed my favorites down to a top 4 list (that is organized in no particular order). Here’s what I’m loving…

1. Sephora Favorites: Bottled Dreams Fragrance Sampler – For Her
I love the Sephora sampler kits because if you’re someone like me who isn’t fully committed to a particular scent, this is the best way to try a variety of fragrances. This set contains 8 deluxe sized samples of fragrances that have been recently released or ones that are very popular in-store. Usually Sephora includes a voucher that you can redeem for 1 full sized bottle of any of the scents in the kit, but I’m unsure if this ones comes with one because it didn’t specify online. I’m most excited for both of the Elizabeth and James rollerballs (is anyone else still a MK & A fan?) and the Juicy Couture scent (because I received a sample in a press pack a few months ago)!

This particular fragrance set includes:
– 0.25 oz Balenciaga Florabotancia
– 0.15 oz Burberry Body Tender
– 0.17 oz Bvlgari Omina Crystalline
– 0.24 oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black
– 0.24 oz Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
– 0.16 oz Gucci Guilty
– 0.17 oz Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur
– 0.14 oz Lancome La Vie Est Belle

2. Too Faced – Under The Mistletoe
I’m a sucker for lip products and the creamier they are, the better. This Too Faced lip set comes with 3 shimmery La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams, which are currently  Too Faced’s best selling lip products, and a glittery pink makeup bag (!!!). I want my hands on this set so badly because I know that these lip creams are moisturizing, pigmented, and they last through eating and drinking. They’re formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and they don’t have an off-putting plastic smell. Also, the glittery pink seals the deal for me because I’m instantly attracted to anything pink and everything glittery.

This set includes:
– Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny
– Shimmering Spice Spice Baby
– Shimmering Naked Dolly

3. Urban Decay – Naked2 Basics
If you’ve been a long time reader of, then you already know that I love matte, neutral eyeshadows and I love the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette line. Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are pigmented, creamy, paraben free, and long wearing, and these small palettes are portable, more affordable than other eyeshadow palettes, and great for every day wear. I’m very excited about the Naked2 Basics because each of the eyeshadows complement the shades in the Naked 2 Palette, which is one of my most used eyeshadow palettes, and they’re matte which means that they’re very versatile.

Do I need another neutral eyeshadow palette? Definitely not, but if I were to get another one, I would choose the Naked2 Basics because the palette includes 5 never seen before shades and 1 cult classic shade:

– Skimp (pale nude satin)
– Stark (nude-pink matte)
– Frisk (warm gray matte)
– Cover (muted red-brown matte)
– Primal (muted brown matte)
– Undone (deep, smoky brown matte)

*If you’re looking to invest your money in a neutral eyeshadow palette that you’ll get a lot of wear out of, or if you’re shopping for a makeup lover, you can’t go wrong with any of the Naked palettes.

4. Fresh – Sugar Lip Legends
Like I wrote previously, I go nuts for lip products. It’s no secret and I’m not ashamed of it, but sometimes I wish I saved my money for important things, like textbooks… Anyways, I LOVE the Fresh Sugar Lip products and they’re an absolute dream to wear. They’re buttery, super moisturizing (for the record, I’m prone to dry, flaky lips if I don’t take care of them properly), and they smell excellent. If they weren’t so expensive, you’d bet that I’d be buying these lip products left, right, and centre! In my opinion, and based off of my own experiences with these products, the clear, SPF Fresh lip balm (not included in this set) is the best base for any lip color especially if you have dry lips, and the tinted Fresh lip balms are sheer, yet can be built up after a few layers of application. These lip balms are paraben, sulfate, and phosphate free. This set is pricy considering it has 7 mini tinted lip balms, but I guarantee you that these lip balms will change your life (and your lips)!

The set includes:
– Sugar Berry (flirty berry)
– Sugar Passion (vibrant yet sheer rouge)
– Sugar Cherry (sheer sunny red)
– Sugar Honey (warm nude)
– Sugar Rosé (sheer rose)
– Sugar Tulip (sheer hot pink)
– Sugar Petal (pink blossom)

So there you have it, these are my favorite holiday sets from Sephora! Let me know in the comments down below or on Twitter (@pandamoniumpink) what you’re eyeing on the Sephora website and if you also look forward to the release of holiday sets!

Happy Shopping!

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My Workout Playlist: September 2014

I don’t know about you (but I’m feelin’ 22…jokes, I won’t be singing that for another few months), but music motivates me more than anything at the gym. Whether I’m lifting weights or sweating it out on the cardio machines, music makes me lift heavier, move faster, and finish my workout with a smile on my face. That being said, when I forget my headphones, I have a miserable workout. I know that’s silly and it’s all in my head, but music just gets me going and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying and thinking that.

Anyways, for today’s post I thought it would be fun to share a few of the songs that are in my workout playlist. Some of these songs are pretty old, but I enjoy listening to them during my workout and they do a good job of pumping me up!

1. Break Free – Ariana Grande

2. No Mediocre – T.I

3. Look At Me Now – Charlie Pluth

4. Waiting All Night – Rudimental

5. F*ck Love – Iggy Azalea

6. This is How We Do – Katy Perry

7. Lights – Kayplex

8. Maps – Maroon 5

9. Classic – MKTO

10. Eat You Up – BoA

Let me know what songs are on your workout playlist either in the comments down below or on Twitter @pandamoniumpink. Also, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to follow my health and fitness Instagram @pandamoniumpinkFIT for daily pictures of my meals, workouts, and more!


Pictures from left to right:
Ariana Grande:
Charlie Pluth:
Katy Perry:
Iggy Azalea: