Benefit Lollitint

It’s time to get excited because Benefit Cosmetics just released a new lip and cheek stain! If you’re not already familiar with Benefit Cosmetic’s popular link of stains (where have you been?!), here’s a quick rundown of the existing members in the Tint family:

Benetint: Rose tinted lip and cheek stain
Posietint: Poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain
ChaChatint: Mango orange tinted lip and cheek stain


As I’ve mentioned before in my previous blog posts and YouTube videos, I love using Benetint as a lip stain under my Smith’s Rosebud Salve (because of its longevity) and Posietint as a cheek stain either by itself or under a matte pink blush (because of its “pinched cheeks” glow). I haven’t bought Chachatint yet, but I’ve swatched it at Sephora a few times and I think that it would be perfect for the spring and summer months.

Now moving on to the star of the post…

Benefit Cosmetics recently released Lollitint and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to try it out! It comes in a glass nail polish-like bottle, similar to the other Benefit Cosmetics tints, and it has bright pink metallic packaging with pinwheel and dot designs on it. Because I haven’t yet tried it out, based on the pictures that I’ve seen, the Lollitint has a creamy texture and straight out of the bottle the color is a purply-bubble gum pink. When it’s blended out either on the lips or the cheeks with fingers or a brush, Lollitint looks like a gorgeous cotton-candy pink.

Here’s a swatch of Lollitint from

Let me know if you’re thinking of trying out Lollitint or if you’ve already tried out Benetint, Posietint, or Chachatint!


Picture 1:
Picture 2 & 3:
Picture 4:

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  1. Monica

    i saw a video on lollitint a little while ago, and loved the way it looked on the cheeks. i’m a fan of benefits tints, so i think i’ll have to pick this up!

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