About Me


Name: Kels
Age: 23
Astrological sign: Sagittarius

I enjoy eating fish tacos and sushi, reading Sophie Kinsella novels, pumping iron at the gym (honestly, I don’t think I’m #GymRat enough to use that, but I’m just going to go with it), watching Netflix, and writing. I’m deathly afraid of carnival clowns (hello American Horror Story season 4!), my guilty pleasure TV show is Family Guy, and I collect food themed socks. I’m the happiest when I’m outdoors and surrounded by nature, I had 2 pet hamsters named Tobi and Burger, and my favorite color is fire truck red. I have extremely supportive parents and friends, I despise the rain, and I can perfectly recite every line from Batman Begins.

I’ve been blogging on pandamoniumpink.com for 5 years and I recently rebranded it to be a health, fitness and wellness blog. If you want to learn more about my blog and it’s new direction, click this link to read all about it: Here’s To New Beginnings.

**To read my eating disorder recovery story, click here.

Keep smiling,